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About DDS GP and Kick Your Apps, Inc.

DDS GP was born one day in my dental office in Poway, CA.  I was tired of slick videos with voiceover.  The video always seemed to move at its own pace... too fast or too slow.  I’d pause, resume, skip, rewind.  Some other person was talking so I always turned the volume off.

But my bracket-table drawings I’d make were a mess and too hard for patients to understand.  Brochures were uninteresting.  Posters were inconvenient.

So I enlisted the help of a graphic artist and an iPad developer.  The iPad was an obvious choice with its light weight, perfect size, and great battery life.  Lots (and lots) of hours later, DDS GP was ready.

We priced it to be fair.  Other similar products on the market were expensive and required subscriptions.  We are a dentist-owned company making a patient consult product.  I actually USE the product I make and have the same goal as you: increase case acceptance and production.

With the popularity of DDS GP, we formed a company dedicated to the development of Apps to serve the dental community.  Be sure to browse our other Apps at www.kickyourapps.com.

I hope you enjoy DDS GP.

-Bob Marcus, D.M.D.

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