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Here's a list of everything in DDS GP



Abscess, Combined Lesion

Abscess, Endodontic

Abscess, Periodontal

All-on-4 (TM)





Bleaching: Home Trays

Bleaching: In Office

Bleaching: Single Tooth Internal

Bleaching: Zoom!

Block Bone Graft

Bone Graft with Extraction

Braces (Conventional)

Bridge: Base Metal

Bridge: Cantilever

Bridge: Full Gold

Bridge: Porcelain Fused to Metal

Bridge: Porcelain, Anterior

Bridge: Porcelain, Posterior

Broken Cusp

Broken Cusp at Amalgam


Brushing Bass Technique

Buildup, Amalgam

Buildup, Composite

Buildup, With Pins

Class I

Class II

Class III

Cosmetics, Before & After, Female 1

Cosmetics, Simulation, Female 1

Cosmetics, Simulation, Female 2

Cosmetics, Simulation, Female 3

Cosmetics, Simulation, Female 4

Cosmetics, Simulation, Male 1

Cracked Tooth, Cusp

Cracked Tooth, Furcation

Crown Lengthening

Crown: CAD/CAM

Crown: CEREC

Crown: Full Gold

Crown: Full Metal

Crown: NobelProcera

Crown: Porcelain

Crown: Porcelain Fused to Gold

Crown: Porcelain Fused to Metal

Decay, Cervical

Decay, Crown Margin

Decay, Interproximal

Decay, Occlusal

Decay, Root

Decay, Secondary


Disclosing Tablets


Elec. Pulp Test: No Response

Elec. Pulp Test: Normal


Extraction, Full Bony Impaction (Horiz.)

Extraction, Full Bony Impaction (Vert.)

Extraction, Partial Bony Impaction

Extraction, Simple

Filling: Air Abrasion

Filling: Amalgam

Filling: Composite, Cervical

Filling: Composite, Incisal

Filling: Composite, Posterior


Fractured Tooth, Anterior

Full Denture

Full Denture, 2 Implants, Hader Bar

Full Denture, 2 Implants, Locator

Full Denture, 2 Implants, O-Ring

Full Denture, 4 Implants, Custom Bar

Full Denture, 4 Implants, Hader Bar

Full Denture, 4 implants, Locator

Full Denture, 4 Implants, Multi-Unit Abutments


Gingivectomy to Expose Decay

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Immediate Implant, Anterior

Immediate Implant, Posterior

Implant Bridge, Screw Reatined

Implant Bridge: Full Gold

Implant Bridge: PFM

Implant Bridge: Porcelain, Metal Abut.

Implant Bridge: Porcelain, Zirconia Abut.

Implant with Immediate Bone Graft

Implant, Screw Retained Crown

Implant, Titanium Abut., Procera Crown

Implant, Zirconia Abut., Procera Crown

Implant: Metal Abut., CAD/CAM Crown

Implant: Metal Abut., CEREC Crown

Implant: Metal Abut., Gold Crown

Implant: Metal Abut., PFM Crown

Implant: Metal Abut., Porcelain Crown

Implant: Zirconia Abut., CAD/CAM Crown

Implant: Zirconia Abut., CEREC Crown

Implant: Zirconia Abut., Porcelain Crown

Inlay: CAD/CAM

Inlay: CEREC

Inlay: Gold

Inlay: Metal

Inlay: Porcelain (Lab)

Invisalign Crowding Mild 1

Invisalign Crowding Mild 1, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Mild 1, Upper

Invisalign Crowding Mild 2

Invisalign Crowding Mild 2, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Mild 2, Upper

Invisalign Crowding Mod. 3/Expansion

Invisalign Crowding Mod. 3/Expansion, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Mod. 3/Expansion, Upper

Invisalign Crowding Moderate 1

Invisalign Crowding Moderate 1, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Moderate 1, Upper

Invisalign Crowding Moderate 2

Invisalign Crowding Moderate 2, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Moderate 2, Upper

Invisalign Crowding Severe 1

Invisalign Crowding Severe 1, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Severe 1, Upper

Invisalign Crowding Severe 2, x-bite

Invisalign Crowding Severe 2, x-bite, Lower

Invisalign Crowding Severe 2, x-bite, Upper

Invisalign Missing Lateral, Ant. x-bite

Invisalign Missing Lateral, Ant. x-bite, Lower

Invisalign Missing Lateral, Ant. x-bite, Upper

Invisalign Pre-rest. Moderate Wear

Invisalign Pre-rest. Moderate Wear, Lower

Invisalign Pre-rest. Moderate Wear, Upper

Invisalign Pre-rest. Severe Wear

Invisalign Pre-rest. Severe Wear, Lower

Invisalign Pre-rest. Severe Wear, Upper

Invisalign Spacing, Rotated Laterals

Invisalign Spacing, Rotated Laterals, Lower

Invisalign Spacing, Rotated Laterals, Upper

LASER Decay Removal, Cervical

LASER Gingivectomy for Cosmetics

LASER Gingivectomy to Expose Decay

Lingual Braces

Missing Tooth and Sequelae

Morphology: Cross Sections

Morphology: Full Mouth

Morphology: Labeled

Morphology: Mandibular Teeth

Morphology: Maxillary Teeth

Nightguard, Full Arch

Nightguard, NTI

Onlay: Base Metal

Onlay: CAD/CAM

Onlay: CEREC

Onlay: Gold

Onlay: Porcelain

Overdenture with Gold Abutments

Overdenture with Locator Attachments

Overhanging Restoration

Palatal Expander



Periodontal Disease

PLD, Cast Base, Lingual Bar

Post and Core, Cast Gold

Post and Core, Prefab., Posterior

Post and Core, Prefabricated, Metal

Post and Core, Prefabricated, White

Post and Core, Zirconia

Pulp Cap, Direct

Pulp Cap, Indirect


Retainer, Hawley

Root Canal Therapy

RPD Sectional ("Nesbit")

Scaling and Root Planing


Space Closure, Anterior




Stayplate after extraction

Stayplate after Extraction and Implant

Stayplate after Implant

Therapeutic Pulpotomy

Third Molar Impaction, Crowding

Third Molar Impaction, Resorption

TMJ, Ant. Disp. w/Reduction

TMJ, Normal

Veneer, Single: Porcelain, CAD/CAM

Veneer, Single: Porcelain, CEREC

Veneer, Single: Porcelain, Lab

Veneer: Composite

Veneers, Multiple: CAD/CAM

Veneers, Multiple: CEREC

Veneers, Multiple: Porcelain, Lab

X-Rays: Panoramic