Photos Window: Adding Photos

If you wish to add a new photo, tap the plus button in the lower right-hand corner of the photos area. When you do so a menu will allow you to choose between Library or Camera (if your iPad is equipped with a camera).  

If you tap Library the photo library on your iPad will open. It is a good idea to keep this photo library organized if this is the way you wish to import photos. You may also access your Photo Stream here if you take photos with another Photo Stream compatible device.

The Camera is an excellent way to quickly add a photo to DDS GP. For example, if you are currently viewing a digital x-ray or intraoral photo on your PC screen, just tap camera, then hold the iPad up to the screen and snap a picture. Then you can move over next to the patient and view the photo with the patient, using the other functions of the app.  It's very impressive to include an actual x-ray from the patient on his or her treatment plan!

While viewing any photo, the drawing functions available are similar to the drawing functions available in the main window, which are discussed elsewhere in this help.