View Option: Categories

Tap the Categories button to show a list of categories (folders) into which all demonstrations are sorted.  These categories are based loosely on the ADA Code sequence in common use in the U.S.  Some demonstrations appear in more than one category when necessary.  For example, bone graft appears under both Periodontics and Oral Surgery.

Tap any category name to see a list of demonstrations and/or subcategories.  Each list may include subfolders (indicated by a folder icon) or demonstrations themselves (indicated by a tooth icon).  Tap on the demonstration title to view it on the main screen.  Tap the button at the top left of the list to move back one level in the hierarchy, or the Top button to return to the top level.

One category is titled DDS GP Yes!  These special demonstrations are discussed elsewhere in these instructions.

Another category is called Make Your Own Module.  This advanced function is discussed elsewhere in these instructions.