DDS GP Yes! Is an optional portion of the app. If you have purchased Yes! app, the content will already be available to you when you tap the Yes! with Paul Homoly folder button.  You will see a list of demonstrations that are exact copies of demonstrations from elsewhere in the app. However when you tap one of the demonstrations you will notice that you now have an additional control window available to you in the upper right-hand corner of the app. This is the audio controls for Dr. Homoly's voice. Tap the play button to begin. You will hear audio information by Dr. Homoly that is designed to help you with your demonstration content and style and increase your case acceptance.

Obviously these audio items are not meant to be played in front of a patient. That's why they are kept in a separate folder in the app. Be sure to listen to the overview and benefits of care items first. This will tell you more information about what to expect from the Yes! items.

If you purchased DDS GP (without Yes!), and you wish to upgrade to the Yes! version, simply tap Yes with Paul Holomly folder in your app and follow the instructions there.