The main window of the DDS GP consists of a menu area on the left and illustration area on the right.  In the left menu area are four view options: Categories, Library, Favorites and Plan.  These options are discussed elsewhere in these instructions.  These options are used to organize the menus from which the illustration to be shown in the main area is chosen  The illustration currently being viewed is shown in the bottom left corner.

Just above the main window area is the Main Toolbar.  Its functions are discussed elsewhere in these instructions (Patient Name, Tooth/Area, Settings, + button, Photos Button, Drawing Button).

Superimposed over the main demonstration area of each screen are two floating screens, the Slider (horizontal) and the Drawing Toolbar (vertical).

Use the slider (or the arrows at each end to move single steps) to portray severity of a condition or steps in a treatment.  You may also press the green play button at the right hand edge of the slider to activate an auto play function.  

The Drawing toolbar is used when drawing with your finger over a illustration. You may select your color (blue, red, orange) or a highlighter.  You may also Undo (multi-level), delete your drawing, or add your drawing to the Photo Tray.

Use the grab handles (three small horizontal lines) to move the Slider or Drawing toolbar.  It is useful to move the slider to the top of the screen when presenting to a patient across the table, so your hand is not block the main area while moving the slider.  You may also wish to move it up or down if it is blocking an important part of the demonstration you are using.  You may move the drawing toolbar anywhere on the screen.  You may hide/show the drawing toolbar by tapping the pen button in the Main Toolbar.

DDS GP is always viewed in landscape (horizontal) mode even if you rotate your iPad.