Main Menu: Photos Button

You can access the photos that further describe each demonstration by either tapping the camera button in the upper right main menu, or the camera button that is superimposed over the module in the lower right corner of the screen.  

The photos functionality is one of the most powerful aspects of this app.  This is where you can really customize the app to fit your practice.  You should consider the photos to be a subset of the current demonstration being viewed. In other words, if you are viewing the gold crown demonstration the photos that are available by tapping the camera icon are those that are related to a gold crown.

In some demonstrations we have put "stock" pictures to get you started. You may add as many photos as you'd like to the photos area of each demonstration.  Use the thumbnails at the bottom of the photos window to scroll through the available photos. When you tap one of those photos, it will appear in the main area of the photos window.

You can use the drawing tools on the right-hand side in a way similar to drawing on the main demonstration page, which is discussed in detail elsewhere in this help.  

Also note there is an envelope button on the right-hand side of the photos window. Tapping this envelope while viewing a photo will cause that photo to become "check-marked" for the treatment plan. A green checkmark will appear over the envelope and a green border will appear around the photo in the thumbnails area.  When a photo is check-marked it will appear on the treatment plan that you may email or print for the patient. Up to four photos maybe check marks for this purpose. If you have a photo that you have previously checkmark and you now do not wish to use it on the cheap plan, simply tap the envelope again to remove the checkmark.  You may checkmark any of the stock photos or any photos that you add. The process of adding photos to the photos screen is discussed elsewhere in this help.