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Frequently Asked Questions about DDS GP

Note: full instructions are available here.

I have already purchased DDS GP or DDS GP Yes!  How do I get it on an additional iPad for free?

1. Open the App Store on your device and sign in if asked.  


          -You must sign in with the same Apple ID you used when your originally put the app on the first device.

          -If you wish to use the app under a different Apple ID, you must purchase it again.

          -If you have forgotten which Apple ID you used or your password, please contact us for support.     

2. Tap your profile picture in the upper-right corner, then tap “Purchased” and then “My Purchases”.

3. Locate (by scrolling or searching) DDS GP then tap Download next to it.

4. If the app does not appear on the list, you are not useing the original Apple ID used for purchase.  See NOTES above.

Does DDS GP include international tooth numbering systems?

Yes.  To choose, in your iPad’s settings screen (not in DDS GP app), select DDS GP from the left column.  Then choose the numbering system you wish.

How do I add to Favorites or Plan?

Tap the + button in the upper right corner, then choose Favorites or Plan.

How do I reorganize a Plan or Favorites?

In edit mode, touch and hold the three horizontal lines icon at the right edge of each item.  Then move it to the desired position.

When I send/print a diagnosis demonstration, why is the severity set to “least”?

When you add to Plan in a diagnosis demo, the severity displayed at the time you add is the one shown on the .pdf.  In a treatment demo, important steps are automatically shown.

Can I add my own photos/images to a demo?

Yes.  Just tap the “Add a Photo” button at the bottom right of the screen to add from your iPad Photo library.

What's the best way to get my intraoral photo into my iPad so I can use it on DDS GP?

The fastest method for a single photo that you want to use immediately is to take a picture of your PC screen with your iPad camera from within DDS GP.  For batches of photos, DDS GP is fully intergrated with Dropbox.

How do I get my free updates?  How do I know when they available?  Is it really free?

Check the App Store on your iPad.  If there is a little red number on it, then updates to one or more of your apps are available.  When DDS GP is updated it will appear there.  And yes, it’s free.  Even major updates.

How big is this app?  Do I need the most expensive iPad?

This app is about 120 megs.  The least expensive iPad, at 16 gigs (16000 megs) is plenty.

Can I install this app on multiple iPads?

You may install it on multiple iPads that are associated with the same iTunes account.  

Do I need an active internet connection?  What if I don’t have wireless?

You only need an internet connection to send e-mails or for sign-in for monthly-fee versions.  If you don’t have wireless, consider a 3G iPad.

Does it work on my PC/Mac?  Will it be available for Droid/Palm/etc.?

After testing multiple platforms, we settled on iPad.  It is inexpensive, fast, and boots up instantly.  There’s nothing out there even close.  See it as en excuse to get that iPad you wanted anyway!

How do I get a treatment plan into my chart/electronic chart/software?

Email the .pdf to your office computer then use the import or documents function in your software to add it to your patient’s chart.  More information about documents and adding to a patient’s chart is available from your specific software vendor.

I'm a dental student/professor.  Can I have an educational discount?

Yes, we are registered as an educational App.  If you are from an educational institution, you can get the App for half price!  Apple has some restrictions, so please email us for specifics.

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