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I use DDS GP every day in my practice.  It is instrumental in raising patient awareness and understanding and therefore a huge production booster.

Read about DDS GP in Dentaltown magazine.

DDS GP has been rated Best Product by Dental Product Shopper with the highest ever rating for any product in any category!

Loma Linda University Professor James Jesse reviews DDS GP.

DDS GP is just $399.99

DDS GP features 200+ demonstrations including...

DDS GP was featured on an Orlando news segment.

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•TAP to show conditions and procedures.

•DRAW right on the screen with your finger.

•ADD your own photos from your library.  

•CREATE custom treatment plans to your patient or chart.

•PRINT or EMAIL treatment plans

All of this is faster and easier to understand than what you are doing now and much better than just a list of fees!

With DDS GP you will be able to:

Here's a fun video about using DDS GP:

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No recurring fees at all.  Ever.

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10 minutes of explanation in just 30 seconds.

What is DDS GP?

DDS GP is an iPad app developed specifically to help dentists be more effective when explaining dental conditions and treatment plans to your patients, increasing patient understanding and case acceptance.  

With over 200 beautifully illustrated demonstrations, you will easily show your patients conditions as they worsen and steps of treatment.  

Written by a dentist, DDS GP is the fastest, clearest, and most understandable iPad app for this purpose.  DDS GP is in use in over 13,000 dental offices worldwide in 13 different languages.