View Option: Favorites

The Favorites button shows a list of demonstrations that you can define and customize.  To add a demonstration to the Favorites List, first view that demonstration in the main window by selecting it using the Library or Categories view.  Then tap the “+” button in the Main Menu and select Favorites from the pop-up list.  The active demonstration is immediately added to the Favorites list for future use.

You may customize the Favorites list by changing its order or by deleting unwanted items.  To do so, enter Edit Mode while viewing the Favorites list, tap the Edit button in the upper left of the list.  Once in edit mode, you can change the order of items by holding and then dragging the three horizontal lines to the right of each demonstration’s name.  You can also delete items by tapping the red minus button, then confirming by tapping “Delete”.

Whenever you back up your iPad using iTunes on your Mac or PC, your favorites items are saved. It is a good idea to periodically back up your iPad in this fashion.  Please note, if you use iCloud as a backup system, your favorites items will not be saved in the event you need to restore your iPad.