Make Your Own Module

The make your own demo feature is for advanced users.  If you like to photograph your treatment steps, or have made your own illustrations that you think would be useful in the app, you may use this function to make your own personal demonstrations that are available to you anytime.

Access this function by tapping the 'My Demos' item at the bottom of the categories list.  You will then see a list of all the demos that you have made thus far. Tap the add new button if you wish to make a new demo. After entering a name you will be presented with additional buttons on the slider.  These buttons are shown in a blue color. The plus button is used to add items (photos, illustrations, etc.) to the demonstration. Make sure you add item in the order you wish to view them later. The trashcan button is used to delete an item.  

Doctors have used this Make Your Own Demo button in a variety of creative ways including postoperative instructions, photos of cosmetic treatment they have done step-by-step, and many others.

Each Make Your Own Demo may contain as many images as you wish.  Please note, however, that only the eight (8) images will be shown on an email or printout.  Therefore, if you have a Make Your Own Demo that has more than 8 images, and you intend to email or print it, consider making several Make Your Own Demos, each containing 8 images maximum.  For ease of use, append "part 1", "part 2", etc. to the demo names.  Tray images are not included on printouts in the Make Your Own Demo function.