Main Menu: Pencil Button and Drawing

The drawing function in DDS GP is very powerful. You should imagine you have a transparency over the demonstration and you are drawing on it.

Use the pencil button to show or hide the drawing toolbar.  Once the drawing toolbar is showing, several functions are available. Use the three horizontal bars as a "grab handle" to move the drawing toolbar anywhere you wish on the demonstration screen. This is useful if the toolbar will be hiding in important part of the demonstration that you wish the patient to see.

Use the blue, red, and orange dots to choose your pencil color. Once chosen, use your finger like a pencil to draw anything you wish over the demonstration.  The yellow color represents a "highlighter" pen.  Just like a real life highlighter, this will draw a partially transparent line over the area selected with your finger.

The backward arrow button is a "undo" button. Each time you tap this button it will undo the next most recent drawing you have done.  Try for yourself by drawing for five different areas and then clicking the undo button once, then more than once.

The trash button will permanently delete all the drawing that you have done.

The add to tray button on the bottom is a very useful tool. Tap this button at any time during your drawing to add a copy of the demonstration picture itself with all of your drawings to the photos area of the app.  This functionality is similar to taking a screenshot.  If you have made a particularly excellent drawing that you would like to use it again to show a different patient in the future, this is the best way to save it.  Using the photos area of the app is discussed elsewhere in this help.