View Option: Library

Tap the Library button to show all of the demonstrations in alphabetical order.  From here, you can scroll through the list to find the desired demonstration.  Each item in the list is designated by its title and, below it, the category to which it belongs, shown in italics.

The search bar the top of the list is a quick way to find a demonstration you are seeking.  Tap anywhere in the search bar, then enter your search term on the keyboard.  Once the desired demonstration is shown on the list, tap on its title to directly access it.  The keyboard window will automatically close. If you wish to close the keyboard manually, tap the keyboard close button at the lower right corner.  The search function is very powerful in that it will search for any word in the demonstration title or category to which it belongs.  In other words, if you type the search term "crown" in the box, all demonstrations that include the word crown will be shown, even if crown is not the first word in the title of the demonstration.  It is a good idea to do a few test searches before using this directly with patients!

If you wish to make a new search and need to clear a previous search term, tap the small X in the search bar to clear the previous search. If you start searching and simply wish to view the entire list, tap the cancel button next to the search bar.