View Option: Plan

The Plan button shows a list of demonstrations that comprise the treatment plan for a patient.

Before adding items to the Plan list, it is best (although not required) to enter the Patient Name and Tooth/Area.  To add a demonstration to the Plan list, first view that demonstration in the main window by selecting it from the Library, Categories, or Favorites.  Then tap the “+” button Main Menu and select Plan from the pop-up list.  The active demonstration is immediately added to the Plan list.

You can send a patient’s Treatment Plan though e-mail or print it on an iPad compatible printer.  Keep in mind that if the demonstration being added to the plan is one that shows severity, such as Decay or Periodontal Disease, the level of severity shown on screen at the time it is added to the plan is what will be shown in the printout e-mail.  If the demonstration is one that shows treatment steps, such as a crown, four representative images will automatically be shown on the e-mail attachment.  Up to four Photos can also be added to the plan.  This is discussed in the Photos area of these instructions.

Tap the pencil icon shown on each plan line to add notes to the plan that will be shown on the printout or e-mail.  This is a good place to add noted about priorities, fees, or options.  To reorganize or delete plan items, enter Edit Mode by tapping the Edit button in the upper left of the list.  You can change the order of items by holding and then dragging the three horizontal lines to the right of each demonstration’s name.  You can delete items by tapping the red minus button, then confirming by tapping “Delete”.

After you have added the desired demonstrations to a patient’s Plan, and organized them appropriately, tap the “Send” button in the upper right.  After choosing to print or e-mail the plan, you will be prompted for a patient’s signature, which will appear on the plan indicating an understanding of the plan as explained.  This is important if a patient refuses treatment and you wish to establish a legal record of your conversation.  If you do not wish to capture a signature, tap “Skip”.  Next, printing will begin or an e-mail will be composed that contains an attachment .pdf file with your patient’s plan.  One page is devoted to each item from your plan list.  Enter the e-mail address of your patient, enter any message (optional), and tap send.  Many users also print or send a copy to their office computer to be added to the patient’s paper or electronic chart.  A cover letter for your plan is added to the email or printout based on the letter you have modified as desired in Settings.